In addition to the wood shop, the Joiners Bench includes a small home with lots of trees and plants. I love it in the spring when the flowers start to bloom and the trees take on their green leaves. I thought it would be fun to take a break from the woodworking and show some of the plant life at the Joiners Bench.

I planted this large flowering pear tree in front of my studio about 10 years ago. It was only about six-feet tall then. Now it stands at well over 30-feet high. It certainly is a happy tree!

Each spring and early summer the flowers start to bloom at the Joiners Bench. These perennials line the street and are just starting to find their bloom.  The white picket fence frames the home and really stands out in this industrial area.

I love the smell of lavender. I spent several years living in England and have fond memories of the fragrance. Lavender thrives at the Joiners Bench in the sandy soil.

In the backyard I have a crab apple tree and several flowering pears. They bloom in the spring and provide shade in the summer. I also have some strawberry and tomato plants planted in the back.

The first strawberries of the year have started to take shape. I typically eat them all summer long, one by one, and don’t get much of a harvest to take home because of it. But I love to watch the berries bloom and grow. Mostly I like to eat them.

We planted several tomato plants, including beef steak, yellow cherry, and Romas. By late August I will have tons of tomatoes. My wife will can several jars of salsa and marinara sauce for us to enjoy over the winter.

My wife Natalie and I love the Primrose that grows with such abandon here. These pretty pink flowers stay in bloom all summer. They also do well in the sandy soil so close to the Jordan River.

It’s always nice to have a pot of flowers to greet visitors. Last year I was so busy I never planted in this pot. I’m really enjoying this year, in part, because I’m taking time to “smell the roses.”

Spring and summer at the Joiners Bench is a wonderful time of year. Thanks for giving it a look. If you like my flowers you will love my woodworking!