Just to be clear. I’m a woodworker, not a computer geek. I’m not the greatest typer, and I sometimes get stumped trying to do a simple computer task. I do, however, realize the value of sharing information with fellow woodworkers.

I’m a self-taught craftsman. I learned everything I know from reading, doing, re-doing, reading some more, and trying again. I have lots of great craftsmen to thank for passing along the craft. If I can share something that helps another craftsman, I’m happy to do it.

So, from time to time, I will publish a technique, share a story or just plain old get something off my mind.

Let me know what you think and thanks for your interest.

Busy summer

I apologize that I have been unable to do any blogging this summer. I spent good portion of the summer working on commissioned pieces, working on our house and traveling. The Uintas, Jackson Hole and a trip to Florida were all in the offing. It's been a great season,...

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Welcome to my new website. I've been doing traditional woodworking for 25 years and am excited to share some of what I've learned. This technology stuff is new to me and so be patient. It will take me some time. But I'm confident some good things will come of it.

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